Can you hear the little whisper which is trying so hard to get your attention?

That is your very own inner wisdom.

My hope is that the whisper has intuitively guided you to my website because you are ready to make some changes. 

It takes real courage to make change and I am thrilled that your whisper has lead you here to me.

Know you are in the right place if your intuition is whispering any of the following thoughts.

I think I have outgrown my relationship.

I don’t think my needs are getting met in this relationship.

I wanted to say no so why did I say yes?

I just gave my power away because I didn’t want to be the “bad one”.

Why do I want to be wanted by this person who I know isn’t right for me?

I know I am not living up to my full potential but I don’t know what that is.

I know how difficult it can be to struggle with these thoughts and not know what to do about them. We can try and squash them down by obsessing about our relationships, work, food, TV or social media and that works for awhile but eventually the whisper just gets louder. I know because I have been there myself and have discovered there is another way.

That whisper can be turned into a confident voice saying.

I love my relationship with myself and others in my life.

I now know how to meet my needs for myself but also comfortable asking for what I need.

I can say no when I really want to and not feel bad about it.

I have my own superpower and it’s mandatory that I use it.

I get to choose who I want to spend my time with.

I am living my life deeply connected to, and honouring myself.

Whether you are struggling in a relationship or struggling out of a relationship I can help you.

Ready to start? Book a complimentary consultation to learn more about coaching and to see if we are a good fit.

Looking forward to hearing from you…..


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Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.
— Joseph Campbell